Real Estate Related Journals


A. Journals Published by the American Real Estate Society


Journal of Real Estate Research

The American Real Estate Society's flagship journal publication, the JRER is a valuable guide to issues in real estate for professionals and academics alike.

Journal of Real Estate Literature

Our sister journal, the JREL, encourages academic research and teaching in the field of real estate by providing information for researchers and educators.

Journal of Real Estate Practice and Education

The JREPE encourages excellence in teaching and to motivate research in real estate education and practice.

Journal of Real Estate Portfolio Management

Another of our sister journals, the JREPM features articles on the management of real estate portfolios.

Journal of Housing Research

The JHR serves as an outlet for theoretical and empirical research on a broad range of housing related topics, including but not limited to, the economics of housing markets, residential brokerage, home mortgage finance and mortgage markets, and international housing issues.

Journal of Sustainable Real Estate

The Journal of Sustainable Real Estate (JOSRE), the first of its kind in the United States, calls upon those interested in fostering truth surrounding the myraid questions of how to make where we live, work and recreate become more efficient, productive, healthy, and to do less harm while we, as a society design, build, create, and operate the structural world.


B. Real Estate-Related Journals Online


Briefings in Real Estate Finance

Briefings in Real Estate Finance aims to be the leading publication in its field by increasing practical understanding f the processes and challenges associated with the funding of real estate. 

Journal of Housing Economics

"...Publication of economic research related to housing and encourages papers that bring to bear careful analytical technique on important housing-related questions."

Journal of Housing Research

Usually published twice a year, this journal offers theoretical and empirical research on housing and residential mortgage finance.

Journal of Property Investment & Finance

"...Discussion and debate relating to all areas of property investment and finance."

Journal of Property Research

"...applied research...into property investment and development "(formerly known as Land Development Studies).

Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics

"...Theoretical and empirical research on real estate using the paradigms and methodologies of finance and economics."

Journal of Urban Economics

"...Empirical, theoretical, positive, and normative approaches to urban economics."

Land Economics

This link is to a page describing the journal. The page also hasshopping cart functions so you can order a copy from the publisher.

Real Estate Economics

"...To facilitate communication among academic researchers and industry professionals and to improve the analysis of real estate decisions."

Real Estate Issues

Published by the Counselors of Real Estate - A professional journal featuring incisive, dynamic articles that respond to current trends in the real estate industry. Since 1976, Real Estate Issues (REI) has been written for and by practitioners, focusing on practical applications and applied theory. REI publishes three times annually for the benefit of the members of The Counselors of Real Estate and other subscribers who represent a cross section of real estate and its related professions and institutions.

International Real Estate Review

The International Real Estate Review is the official refereed journal of the Asian Real Estate Society (AsRES). It serves as a vehicle for communication between real estate academics, professionals, and policy makers. 

Pacific Rim Property Research Journal

The Pacific Rim Property Research Journal is the official quarterly refereed journal of the Pacific Rim Real Estate Society (PRRES) and is intended to offer academics and practitioners a forum for the dissemination of the latest  ideas in property research in the Pacific Rim region. 


C. More Real Estate-Related Journals Online


Appraisal Journal

Insightful articles on appraisal theory and practice.

Assessment Journal

The link is to the Web site of the International Association of Assessing Officers, publishers of the Assessment Journal (formerly known as the Property Tax Journal).

Housing Policy Debate

"Recent articles have explored the challenges facing public housing, the future of American cities, the link between housing and neighborhood quality, and how growth management practices impact the supply of affordable housing."

Institutional Real Estate Letter

"Monthly trade magazine serving the information needs of pension, foundation and endowment funds, and the people and companies who serve them."

Journal of the American Planning Association

"...cutting-edge research with practical applications...planning techniques and programs, anticipate problems, and suggest possible solutions."

Journal of Corporate Real Estate

"...A valuable fund of ideas, techniques, case studies and research to support senior CRE [corporate real estate] managers.

Journal of Housing and the Built Environment

The Journal of Housing and the Built Environment is a scholarly journal presenting the results of original scientific research and new developments in policy and practice to a diverse readership. This refereed journal, now published by Kluwer Academic Publishers, covers the fields of housing, spatial planning, building and urban environment.

Journal of Property Management

"Industry trends, money-saving ideas, and legislative news for real estate managers.

National Real Estate Investor, Online

"...the leading source of information for the commercial real estate industry."

Planning Theory & Practice

" provide a focus for the development of theory and practice in spatial planning, and to encourage the development of a spatial dimension in other areas of public policy."

Property Management

"Enhance your property management skills and keep pace with leading edge thinking, research and best practice."

Real Estate Forum

News for the real estate industry.

Regional Studies

Journal of the Regional Studies Association, this journal is "at the forefront of original multi- and inter-disciplinary research, policy analysis and debate about urban and regional development."