International and Other Real Estate Societies


Asian Real Estate Society (AsRES)

Asian Real Estate Society (AsRES) was established in 1996 with an aim to produce and disseminate real estate related knowledge with particular emphasis on Asia. AsRES offers a great opportunity for anyone who would like to learn more about Asian real estate markets and to interact with real estate educators and professionals in Asia.

Pacific Rim Real Estate Society (PRRES)

PRRES was established in 1993 to provide a formal focus for property researchers, educators and practioners in the Pacific-Rim Region.

European Real Estate Society (ERES)

The European Real Estate Society (ERES) was established in 1994 to create a structured and permanent network between real estate academics and professionals across Europe. ERES is dedicated to promoting and advancing the field of real estate research throughout Europe. ERES is a non-profit organisation affiliated with the International Real Estate Society, an organisation giving us an even wider contact base in real estate.

African Real Estate Society (AfRES)

The African Real Estate Society (AfRES) is a continent-wide organisation that seeks to promote networking, research and education among property professionals across Africa. It is affiliated to the International Real Estate Society (IRES), along with sister societies in North America (ARES), Asia (AsRES), Europe (ERES), the Pacific Rim (PRRES) and Latin America (LaRES).

Latin American Real Estate Society (LaRES)

LaRES is a service organization, non-bureaucratic, whose main goal is to diffuse information and knowledge between the Real Estate professional and academic communities through publications and technical meetings.

International Real Estate Society (IRES)

The International Real Estate Society (IRES) is a federation of regional real estate societies. Each Society maintains control over its own activities while participating in the federation to get the benefits of global co-operation.

American Real Estate and Urban Economics Association (AREUEA)

The American Real Estate and Urban Economics Association (AREUEA) was originated at the 1964 meeting of the Allied Social Science Association in Chicago. AREUEA grew from discussions of individuals that recognized a need for more information and analysis in the fields of real estate development, planning and economics. The continuing efforts of this non-profit association has advanced the scope of knowledge in these disciplines and has facilitated the exchange of information and opinions among academic, professional and governmental people who are concerned with urban economics and real estate issues.