General Real Estate Supply Condition


A. Permits

Construction Analysis System (CAS)

Summary database provides numbers on projects, contract value, square footage and number of dwelling units (for housing) for 209 structure types at the county level.  The database can be purchased on an annual subscription basis or on an as-needed basis

Real Estate and Construction Service

The federal government assembles construction permit data by property type for counties, MSAS, states, and the nation.  The data are published monthly in the Bureau of the Census's C-40 Report.  WEFA also reports permits by MSA and county but divides permits into two categories: residential and a single category called commercial.

B. Starts

Census of Construction Industries

Each industry publication presents at the state level and the U.S. level detailed information on construction performed an value of inputs to that construction.

Census of Construction Industries Geographic Area Series

On a monthly basis, Construction Statistics tracks the numbers of Construction statistics measure the dollar value of all construction put in place each month.

C. Agricultural Land

Census of Agriculture States and County Highlights

The census of agriculture is a complete accounting of U.S. production. The census is the only source of uniform, comprehensive agricultural data for every county.

Census of Agriculture Zip Code Tabulations of Selected Items

The Zip Code Tabulations report provides selected statistics, by zip code, from the 1997 farms and ranches, and the only source of comparable detailed data at the county level.