Data Sources for a Single Property Type


A. Office

BOMA Experience Exchange Report

BOMA assembles a report that details income and expense statements for office buildings throughout North America based on members' responses to a standard survey.

Industry Research & Office Building Data

IREM survey details income and expense statements for office buildings throughout North America based on members' responses to a standard survey.

Office Market Data book/North American Office Market Report

International office markets includes rents, absorption statistics, vacancy statistics, construction statistics and operating costs.  It is available from independent member brokers.  Market size statistics.

B. Retail

1992 Economic Census: Census of Retail Trade

The 1992 Census of Retail Trade, part of the 1992 Economic Census, covered retail trade as defined in the Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) Manual (Standard Industrial Classification: 1987).It includes all establishments primarily engaged in selling merchandise for personal or household consumption and rendering services incidental to the sales of the goods.

Canadian Directory of Shopping Centers

Canadian Directory of Shopping Centers

Census of Service Industries

Basic data obtained for all establishments include kind of business, federal income tax status, geographic location, taxable operating receipts, annual and first quarter payroll and employment for the pay period including March 12.

Census of Wholesale Trade Establishment and Firm Size

All wholesale trade establishments with payroll are included in survey.

Three online sites for the business geography market analyst: 
1. and maps for analyzing markets, selecting site locations & better targeting consumers.
2. variables and reports for profiling of consumer and business markets.
3. mailing lists selected based on specific consumer product preferences.

The Construction Analysis System (CAS)

Tabulates retail construction starts in square feet by location and dollar value for two retail categories-free-standing stores and shopping centers, but this series omits specific property detail.

Consumer Expenditure Surveys

The Consumer Expenditure Survey consists of two components--the Diary survey and the Interview survey

Dollars & Cents of Shopping Centers and Dollars & Cents Special Reports

ULI's Dollars & Cents of Shopping Centers reports more than 50 categories of center-wide operating income and expense data, including sales, rents, percentage rents and common area charges for all types of shopping centers by geographic location and age of center.

Income/Expense Analysis: Shopping Centers, Open and Enclosed

Income/Expense Analysis Office Buildings--office building operating revenues and expenses by MSA and some submarkets, of the U.S. and Canada.  Operating data is presented by building age group, building size, building height and building rental range.

Monthly Wholesale Trade Survey

Adjusted Estimated Monthly Sales and Inventories by SIC Codes 500 to 519.

The Score: ICSC's Handbook on Shopping Center Operations, Revenues & Expenses

Source of data on U.S. and Canadian shopping center revenues, retail sales, expenses and operating characteristics.

Shopping Centers Today

Market trends in shopping center leasing.  It is available online.

C. Residential (Non-apartment Residences)

American Housing Survey

The American Housing Survey (AHS) collects data on the nation's housing, including apartments, single-family homes, mobile homes, vacant housing units, household characteristics, income, housing and neighborhood quality, housing costs, equipment and fuels, size of housing unit and recent movers.

Building Permits Survey: Housing Starts and Building Permits

To provide current data on new construction, additions and alterations to existing buildings and demolitions authorized by building permits.


GeoLytics provides low cost demographic data, housing data, TIGER boundary files, projections and consumer expenditures.

Forecast of Housing Activity, Housing Economics, Housing Market Statistics

NAHB's publications include: Forecast of Housing Activity: Housing Starts: by nine census regions and by state; by single-family and multifamily and by intended use and design.  Also includes housing sales and prices, MSA forecasts for top 70 markets, market profile of top 120 markets, "hot" market analysis, market profile of housing and the economy for all states, private nonresidential building construction, forecasts of residential remodeling and the economy.

D. Apartments

American Housing Survey

The Bureau of the Census, Housing and Household Economic Studies carries out an annual survey that tracks vacancies for all housing, including single-family units, offered for rent and for multifamily units in configurations of five or more units for the U.S., states, some major metropolitan areas and some cities.

Apartment Research

DVAR and primary collector of data relevant to apartment market analysis.

Fair Market Rent Survey

HUD gathers and publishes and annual Fair Market Rent Survey in the Federal Register.  Rents from 3000 metropolitan areas, non-metropolitan areas and counties represent the 45th percentile of rents paid by "new movers," excluding rents for new construction and substandard housing.

Income/Expense Analysis: Conventional Apartments, and Income/Expense Analysis: Federally Assisted Apartments

Trend reports that analyze changes in income, expenses, operating ratios, turnover, vacancies, and utility costs, metropolitan area reports; regional reports; national reports; age group reports; and special reports.

Korpacz Real Estate investor Survey

The survey interviews a cross section of major institutional market participants regarding the cash flow assumptions-free-and-clear-equity IRRS, free-and-clear equity cap rates, market rents, expense growth rates and residual cap rates used to analyze various types of 'investment opportunities in the U.S. property types at the national level include regional malls, retail strip centers, CBD offices, suburban economy/limited-service hotels and luxury hotels

MP/F Research, Inc.

MP/F publishes current market conditions for multifamily rental units by metropolitan area, region and the U.S. as a whole as well as current and historical employment and multifamily building trends by metropolitan area and the nation.

National Real Estate Index market Monitor

The index provides source of information on the apartment market.  The apartment properties of specific size and construction.

ReiSource America/ Updates

ReiSource America offers accurate, pertinent metro- and submarket-level data in the top 50 U.S. metros.  Carries out annual rent, vacancy surveys and market analysis for major MSAs for the real estate product categories of apartments, office, industrial and retail.

Survey of Income and Expense

NAA provides economic rents for market-rate apartment buildings in 57 areas.


This annual compendium of market conditions includes inventory, vacancy, adsorption, new construction, discount rates, capitalization rates, market rent, expense growth rates and tenant finish allowances for 45 metropolitan areas divided into CBD multifamily and suburban multifamily segments.

E. General Residential Surveys

Clayton-Fillmore Reports

Each monthly issue reports on the general economy and specific real estate conditions (for apartment, single-family, office, retail and industrial properties) in a single region encompassing several metropolitan areas

Real Estate Analysis and Planning Service (REAPS)

REAPS offers quarterly histories and forecasts for 56 major metropolitan areas for single-family housing and multifamily housing.

ULI InfoPackets

Information is available on affordable housing, apartments/rental housing, congregate/life care facilities, downtown housing, innovative attached housing, low-income housing, manufactured housing/mobile home parks, new towns/planned communities, retirement housing, single room occupancy housing and zero-lot-line housing.

ULI Market Profiles

The profiles review single-family and multifamily residential property developments and conditions in about 80 markets in North America, Europe and the Pacific Rim.

F. Industrial

Census of Manufacturers

Presents final figures for each of approximately 459 industries by groups of related industries.

Census of Manufactures-Industry Series

Presents final figures for each of approximately 459 industries by groups of related industries (for example, the dairy products group includes butter, cheese, milk and related industries).  Information is provided on quantity and value of products shipped and materials consumed, cost of fuels and electric energy consumed, capital expenditures, assets, rents, inventories, employment, payrolls, payroll supplements, hours worked, value added by manufacturing, number of establishments and number of companies.

Census of Mineral Industries

All domestic mining establishments that are classified in SIC Division B, Mining, and have at least one employee.  establishment coverage has been the same since 1967.

Comparative Statistics of Industrial & Office Real Estate Markets

SIOR surveys its members in a written questionnaire on the condition of the local industrial market represented by each member.  The surveys are then computerized and presented in a written volume with text commentary prepared by analysts at Landauer Associates.

Industrial Building Income and Expense Report

The NAIOP report contains income and expense data for about 500 industrial properties.  Data obtained from over 100 NAIOP members.

Industrial Outlook Report

The report summaries the output of an econometric model that compares the performance of markets/MSAs.

Market Source

This report covers 126 markets, mostly in the U.S., for office, retail and industrial properties.

National real Estate Index/market Monitor

This index consists of publication samples: Quarterly Market Report, Market Monitor, Marketscore, Market History Reports, national overview, REIT Publications: REITSource Property Data disk, and REITSource Property Directory.

Real Estate Analysis and Planning Service (REAPS)

REAPS offers quarterly histories and forecasts for 56 major metropolitan areas for warehouses.  

Real Estate Planning Guide

The report uses both narrative reviews and statistical charts, providing market highlights, trends, demographic and business profiles, rental rates, vacancy rates and land prices.

ULI Market Profiles

ULI produces an annual compendium of market studies for about 74 metropolitan areas in North America and 32 international markets.  Under the industrial property market section, the text comments on development and investment activity, new projects, rents and lease terms, public policy issues and outlook.

G. Hotels

The CIA World Factbook

Quantitative and qualitative information on countries.

Construction Analysis System (CAS)

Summary database provides numbers on projects, contract value, square footage and number of dwelling units (for housing) for 209 structure types at the county level. 

D.K. Shifflet and Associates

D.K. Shifflet and Associates provides customized consumer research on lodging preferences and travel patterns, including such concepts as type of hotel, length of stay, trip purpose, destination and demographics characteristics of travelers.

Hospitality Directions

Hospitality industry market trends

Lodging Outlook/Host

Smith Travel Research service reports monthly performance statistics, including occupancy and average daily rate of supply, and annual operating statistics, including revenues, expenses, and profitability.