About Us


The American Real Estate Society (ARES), founded in 1985, is an association of real estate thought leaders. Members are drawn from academia and the profession at large, both in the United States and internationally. The Society is dedicated to producing and disseminating knowledge related to real estate decision making and the functioning of real estate markets.


The objectives of the American Real Estate Society are to encourage research and promote education in real estate, improve communication and exchange of information in real estate and allied matters among college/university faculty and practicing professionals, and facilitate the association of academic, practicing professional, and research persons in the area of real estate.


ARES is the leading real estate research and education organization globally whose mission is to influence real estate thought leadership and decision making. To accomplish this mission, the entrepreneurial leadership of ARES over 25 years has developed six real estate journals, a special topics monograph series, an extensive newsletter, and an Annual Meeting held in world-class-water locations that now features over 200 research paper presentations, 18 panel sessions, a Doctoral Seminar, and an all-day “Critical Issues Seminar” that is jointly organized and sponsored by major industry trade associations. The ARES organization of over 1,400 members is managed by an all-volunteer team of 15 officers, 20 directors, 24 appointed position holders, 3 international board representatives, and 14 committees. The organization has been instrumental in originating and developing seven affiliate regional real estate “sister” societies, representing every continent throughout the world (3000 members), a job opportunity website for members and students, and an Education Tract that focuses on the development of best practices in real estate education throughout academia and industry.