President's Message


President HardinThe American Real Estate Society (ARES) continues to be focused on the creation and dissemination of knowledge. ARES publishes six journals and provides an opportunity for researchers to contribute studies that enhance policy and business decision-making. Its annual Meeting is a highlight for real estate researchers. The organization is proud of its contribution to both the academy and industry.


In order to continue to move ARES forward in knowledge transmission, we are improving our journal websites, introducing an automated submission system for all our journals and making sure that our journals are compatible with the newest article tracking and citation monitoring programs. Quantification of research output is of greater importance than in the past and the internet provides many opportunities to monitor the impact of research. As the President of ARES for the 2016-17 academic year, I strongly urge all members and prospective members to become active in the research area, either by doing research or reviewing the work of others. The organization is overwhelmingly volunteer oriented by design. Active participation of our membership is required for us to sustain the organization.

I would also like to invite you to our next annual meeting in San Diego, CA. Dr. Ken Johnson at Florida Atlantic University is this year’s Program Chair. He is planning a great event on the west coast. You will be invited many times to submit research and participate in the meeting. Please take advantage of this opportunity. The venue is top tier and the location is accessible for both domestic and international scholars and practitioners.

ARES continues to transition to a new group of leaders. We will keep our members up to date on our plans, but I believe we are all aware of the transition taking place over the next few years with our Executive Director position. We will be approving a RFP for our Meeting Planner position this year and should be able to announce our plans at the 2017 ARES Meeting. More to follow on these opportunities.

In closing, ARES is only as strong at its membership. We will continue to strive to support our newest members. We welcome new members and we strive to retain our relevance in a fast changing world.

All the best,

William G. Hardin III, Ph.D., FRICS
ARES President 2016-17
Professor of Real Estate and Finance and Hollo Research Fellow
Director of the Hollo School of Real Estate
Director of the Jerome Bain Real Estate Institute
Florida International University